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☆Enjoy increased firepower with this massive 3'000 rounds drum magazine compatible with the AA-12 and the SGR-12 shotgun.☆


The fully automatic shotgun AA-12, which has a unique appearance and amazing firepower, is now available as the first electric shotgun! Simultaneous firing of three shots, which has become a staple of shotgun models, is now possible in full auto mode.


In the early 1970s, Maxwell Atchison, a renowned American firearms designer, introduced the world to a groundbreaking creation—the Atchison Assault-12, marking the advent of the first-ever fully automatic shotgun. Fast forward about two decades, and the Atchison Assault-12 underwent a remarkable transformation, resulting in the birth of the AA-12, officially known as the Auto Assault-12.


The AA-12 boasts the capability to unleash 12-gauge ammunition at an impressive rate of approximately five rounds per second. What sets it apart is its pioneering constant recoil system, featuring an exceptionally lengthy recoil spring. This innovation effectively mitigates the once formidable recoil, rendering the shotgun manageable even when firing single-handedly.


The internal mechanism covered by the resin frame includes a special mechanical box with three cylinders, a triple variable hop-up system that can be adjusted for each of the three shots fired, and Tokyo Marui's first FET (electronic switch system). ), it has a finish that brings together the best of electric gun technology.

AA-12/SGR-12 Electric Drum Magazine


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